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Walt Disney World News and Rumor Mill for the week of June 22, 2009

22 June 2009 by Walt Disney News

Let’s start on one of the ones that has really gained great deal of interest lately, as possible leaks about it becoming reality continue to surface around the internet. And yes, I’m talking about Star Tours once again, because not only does it seem like we’re now just looking for confirmation of WHEN this will happen, but some interesting new details are surfacing and WHAT may be coming as well. Rather than simply just a makeover of the story and effects, in true Disney/Lucas fashion, the entire experience will be something unlike anything we have ever seen before. The storyline seems to take us to a period between Episode’s 3 and 4. Thus Queen Amidala is history, and so is Anakin who is now very bitter and for some reason chooses to wear a cape. Contracts have been signed and construction on the Death Star is probably underway, although it’s been blown up countless times before on Star Tours, but I digress… But the real wow factor comes from the fact that unlike other attractions, shows and even simulators like this, not only will the story be told in 3D, but the story will change - Every time you ride it. Supposedly there will be multiple variations in how the story begins and ends, as well as plot points in between.

Speaking of rumors that not only never die, but may be getting closer to reality, let’s move over to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, where I’m once again hearing talks of the expansion beyond just a new attraction coming to the surface once again. As I’ve discussed in the past, Fantasyland has a VERY large space available to it for expansion, as the Pooh’s Playful Spot area had only taken up a small portion of the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lagoon, and there was already additional space behind there as well. So the rumor now is that in addition to a possible Little Mermaid attraction, similar to the one being built for DCA in California, the entire land may expand as well. And how will it expand? How about into an enchanted forest, filled with Disney Princesses, shows, a new attraction, storytelling and special events. In fact, some of the surrounding literal and figurative landscape may change as well. We’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more definitive information as it comes out.


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