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Fire at Disney World's Festival of Fantasy parade; no one injured

11 May 2018

Walt Disney World parade was more fiery than planned Friday afternoon. The fire-breathing dragon that’s part of Magic Kingdom’s daily Festival of Fantasy parade caught aflame, Disney officials confirmed.

The fire was quickly extinguished and the area promptly cleared, a Disney World spokeswoman said. There were no injuries to employees or visitors, she said.

In a video shot by a Disney visitor, the dragon — representing “Sleeping Beauty” character Maleficent — appears to be in the theme park’s Liberty Square area, with its head bobbing and flames growing.

Reedy Creek fire department responded to the incident, but the flame was already out.

The spokeswoman said the company was still in the process of figuring out what went wrong.

Posted videos show a worker using a fire extinguisher on the dragon, which continued to bob its head. Later, parts of its head piece appear to flake off and fall to the street. The parade soundtrack merrily continues as characters for later floats are seen dancing before being rerouted to return backstage.

The dragon, which has a steampunk-looking design, normally rolls through the streets of the theme park, occasionally rearing its head and blowing smoke and fire into the air. An employee is stationed inside the unit, sitting near the base of the neck. Another cast member brings up the rear, while additional costumed workers — including one portraying Prince Phillip battling the beast — travel by foot.

The Festival of Fantasy parade debuted four years ago. It includes several themed floats carrying many Disney characters, ranging from the royal “Frozen” sisters to Mickey Mouse.


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