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Everything You Can Expect When Disney World Finally Opens Toy Story Land (Video)

23 March 2018

There will be plenty of familiar faces when Walt Disney World opens Toy Story Land on June 30, but there’s more to look forward to than Woody, Buzz and the rest of Andy’s cherished belongings.

With toys all around and new attractions that will exist in no other park, merely entering the new 11-acre land is bound to be an experience. Here are the attractions, characters, and colorful sights to look forward to at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida this summer.

Prepare to feel really, really small.

Toy Story Land is meant to make you feel like you are the size of a toy, and every detail reinforces that. Rides are housed in tipped-open toy boxes, Fastpass return times are shown on a digital watch, and Woody’s Lunchbox, the quick-service restaurant, is just that — held up on its side by a matching Thermos.

Given that Toy Story Land is akin to Andy’s backyard, where everything has been left strewn about, you’ll also see plenty of oversized loose dominos, checkers, and Tinker Toys around you.

Slinky Dog Dash isn’t a little kid coaster.

While Andy’s beloved toy being placed atop a coaster kit sounds childish, this one will pack enough thrills in its nearly three minute run time for the whole family to enjoy. (The ride height minimum will be 38 inches, just like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.)

There’s even a second launch — new for Disney — that backs up like a wind-up race car and shoots out again, giving two coaster experiences in one ride. And, because it’s Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog will be a full-out character vehicle, both wagging his tail and wiggling his body with accompanying sound effects.

There is plenty to experience even if you’re not on a ride.

Whether it’s live entertainment, oversized props, or character interactions, there will always be something to see or photograph wherever you are in Toy Story Land. As one of the only Disney rides that’s integral to a land’s layout, the Slinky Dog-themed roller coaster provides so much movement to the surroundings; see him stretch over camelback humps, bob up and down from afar, and even stand on a toy bridge above the second launch, giving glee to those passing by.

For those familiar, it will feel like you’re living within the Toy Story Mania queue, whose entrance is also being flipped and rebuilt to be a part of the land, and wherever you turn, you’ll be fully immersed.

The Claw is coming for you.

In perhaps the closest you can get to reliving the Toy Story trilogy, Alien Swirling Saucers will put you right into the action of Toy Story’s famed Pizza Planet scene where Buzz Lightyear and Woody accidentally end up in a toy claw machine and are scooped up by neighborhood terror, Sid. Though this version is made from a toy kit — don’t worry, no one’s actually trapped within a game — guests will board a rocket and be pulled by an alien in a saucer, all vying to be chosen by “the claw.”

Get your camera ready for some must-capture foods.

There’s bound to be something great, even if we haven’t been told it yet. Disneyland Resort, which is prepping their Pixar Fest seasonal festival and Pixar Pier theme park land at Disney California Adventure, just unveiled a slate of themed treats like Alien macarons across the parks and Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland, which opens in April, has already debuted Alien-shaped pizzas and strawberry waffles in honor of Lotso as part of the menu.

There isn't any direct culinary crossover between the parks, but with such high-caliber eats coming out of the other parks, it can only mean similarly delicious and exciting goodies are set to arrive at Walt Disney World.

You’ll get to see nearly every Toy Story character.

A lot of surprise ones, like Wheezy — who’s never been in the parks before — will be incorporated into Slinky Dog Dash, along with character meet-and-greets with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and others. Mr. Potato Head will remain as part of Toy Story Mania!’s queue, and Sarge will run a boot camp that spans the length Toy Story Land, bringing entertainment and little vignettes throughout.

There’s even more beyond the gates.

For those whose favorite Pixar film isn’t “Toy Story,” there are plenty of other opportunities to see beloved characters and happenings as part of Walt Disney World’s “Incredible Summer” promotion. Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom will be transformed into an expo honoring the Incredibles and will bring with it a dance party with entertainment, games and character appearances by Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and the eminitable Edna Mode, and Animal Kingdom, Russell and Dug will host the new “UP! A Great Bird Adventure” stage show with live birds.


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