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Disney World Haunted Mansion interactive queue line update and exit video

11 October 2010 by Danny Cox - Disney World Travel Tips Examiner.

Currently the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World is undergoing a bit of a face life and it may make some happy, but it may also upset a lot of the Disney faithful.

WDWMagic is reporting that construction walls are up in parts of the haunted Mansion queue line so that work can begin on some extensive upgrades. These changes are going to be signifcant in the experiences the guest will go through while waiting in line to enter the double doors.

One of the big changes will be the addition of a "Next-Gen" initiative to make the queue line interactive so that guests might not be so bored during their wait. This includes a game where guests will interact with a display with different Mansion characters on it. As the guest leans in, each character will whisper some information. In the end, the guest must put all the information together in order to find out where the family fortune is hidden.

The second big change is reworking the queue line so that wheelchairs can fit through. Before, wheelchair guests would be escorted through the exit of the Haunted Mansion. This reworking will cause the queue to be extended slightly out into the gravyard area and closer to the water.

A big rumor going around right now, but with no confirmation, is that some of these changes may cause the popular gravestones with familiar sayings to be taken out. If this ends up being true, then Disney can certainly expect a lot of unhappy guests with plenty of complaints


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